Protests spark in reaction to Wethersfield shooting dash cam release, New Haven residents join in


An emotional day in Wethersfield. Just hours after dash cam video showing a deadly police shooting was released protesters made their voices heard.

About 100 people turned out at the Wethersfield police department after the dash cam video was released. It shows Anthony Vega Cruz running from police after they stopped him, for what they thought was a stolen car. He then spins out-of-control and drives at an officer on foot.

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Greg Brown, Chulo’s friend said, “Things can get a lot out of hand, a lot of people are angry, a lot of people are hurt, and a lot of people are not going to just let this fly by.”

It was a peaceful protest but they went inside the police station to talk to the police.

Lt. Michael Connolly of the Wethersfield Police Department said, “I can say I am truly sorry to the family for their loss, and I am, but other than that I cannot comment on the case.”

There was a large contingent of New Haven residents, coming from Stephanie Washington and Paul Witherspoon’s case. They were there to protest as well, saying they’re here for Chulo’s family, as Chulo’s family is there for them and they are going to move forward to try and make change.

Rodney Williams is Paul Witherspoon’s uncle. He said, “We are here for this family, just like New Haven is fighting for justice down there, we are fighting for justice up here too.”

Friends and family of Witherspoon and Washington, were shot at by police less than a week before Chulo’s death. Witherspoon’s uncle said the body cam video in New Haven, the dash cam video in Wethersfield, it’s all hard to watch.

The state’s attorney and state police are investigating the case and Wethersfield officers are not allowed to comment about it until the investigation is finished. 

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