HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Hartford police released bodycam video that captured fallen Officer Robert “Bobby” Garten’s final marine division shift when he and another officer rescued three people just north of the Bulkeley Bridge.

Garten was killed, and Officer Brian Kearney was seriously injured in a crash Wednesday night while responding to a call in Hartford. Authorities said their cruiser was hit by a car speeding through a red light while fleeing a traffic stop.

“This video illustrates Officer Garten’s professionalism during a water rescue on the CT River,” Hartford police said.

VIDEO | Hartford police release bodycam video of Garten’s final Marine Division shift

The Hartford Police Marine Division and Dive Team were assigned to the Connecticut River for The Riverfront Dragon Boat & Asian Festival on Aug. 19.

At around 3:15 p.m. that day, police received a call indicating boaters on a jet ski had been seen waving for help in the river in front of Riverside Park.

Garten and a detective responded and found three women floating in the river beside a partially sunken jet ski personal watercraft. Garten and the detective pulled the trio from the water onto the police boat.

Police said the women had capsized the jet ski just north of the Connecticut Southern Railroad Bridge and drifted over 3,000 feet in the river. No one was injured, according to police.

The officers secured the personal watercraft and took it to the Riverside Park boat launch to be salvaged.

The video captured Garten remaining calm and supporting the women during the emotional and stressful incident.

Investigation into the crash continues

Richard Barrington, the driver of the car that hit Kearney and Garten’s cruiser, was treated at a hospital, discharged and arrested, police said. The 18-year-old from Hartford was charged with failure to obey a traffic control signal, failure to renew registration, misuse of plates and interfering with police.

A judge set bail at $1 million when Barrington appeared in court later Thursday.

Connecticut State Police are investigating the crash and more charges are expected. If convicted, Middletown General Counsel Brig Smith said the current misdemeanor charges could put Barrington behind bars for up to 364 days.

A charge of first-degree manslaughter could result in a 20-year prison sentence if convicted. It’s a big difference in what Smith told News 8 was a serious and convincing case.

“My understanding of the facts right now, I think there’s a pretty convincing case for pretty serious felony charges here,” Smith said. “Someone died here, obviously, so the state’s attorney can look at manslaughter, negligent homicide.”