EAST HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Rentschler Field, which hosts Pratt and Whitney Stadium, needs millions in repairs, according to the Capital Region Development Authority, which oversees the state-owned site.

The site needs a new roof, the concourse is leaking, and upgrades are needed to the wifi, broadcast and security systems, according to Kim Hart, with the Capital Region Development Authority.

“We’ve tried to keep up with repairs, but, eventually, when you hit that 20-year-mark, you’re going to have to make significant investment,” she said.

She hopes to secure about $60 million total over the next few years to help.

Some of that funding is part of a Gov. Ned Lamont’s proposed two-year budget plan, which would give the stadium a collective $24 million.

Hart said renovations go beyond UConn’s gamedays. The stadium hosts 100 events each year outside of football matches.

Mayor Mike Walsh said improvements are vital for East Hartford’s economic growth.

“We encourage the state — let’s get this done,” Walsh said. “Let’s take care of the business of taking care of the stadium. It’s good for the state of Connecticut.”

UConn told News 8 it will decline comment until the project is approved and details are released.