NEW BRITAIN, Conn. (WTNH) — An aerial shot above New Britain Stadium on Monday shows how cars snaked around the parking lot.  Hundreds lined up hoping to get a COVID-19 test but many didn’t expect such a long wait.

“Since 8:30, so we’re nearing four hours,” said Nathan Strang of Durham.

“Probably over three and a half,” said Georgia Davey of Berlin.

The story was the same car after car.

“Once you’re committed, it doesn’t seem like it makes sense to leave since you gotta get it,” said Gail Szczygiel of Rocky Hill.

It was also the same at testing site after testing site. The Brass Mill Center in Waterbury and Sargent Drive in New Haven had more lines and more people waiting to get tested.

“Hoping it’s not going to be more than another hour,” said Szczygiel.

The New Britain testing site was supposed to be open between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday but just after 11 a.m., workers at the site started turning people away. That’s because they were running low on tests and they wanted to make sure they had enough tests for those who were already in line.

“There are about a thousand cars waiting to get in and they don’t know it’s closed,” said Greg Smith of Meriden who was turned away from the site.

If you’re not in a rush, you may be able to find some available appointments.

“I’ve seen them, they’re like a week out booked, so I was able to get one for the second,” Strang said.

If you need a test now, News 8 found some independent pharmacies like Nutmeg Pharmacy in Norwich and Danielson Pharmacy in Killingly that do COVID testing with almost no wait, although business has picked up since we first reported on that last week.

Some people are okay with the wait.

“It’s worth it for me,” Davey said. “I’m giving myself peace of mind.”

Others have found ways to deal with it.

“I brought a lot of reading material,” Szczygiel said.