HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — People who are looking to be reimbursed for flooding damages in Hartford’s north end are facing challenges along the way.

“As of now, they say any business owners that don’t reside inside the City of Hartford will not be compensated, and I am outside the City of Hartford in East Windsor,” Morris Hardaway said.

Hardaway owns Gateway Storage, which has been flooded several times from storm drain overflow.

Under the state’s rules, anybody who lives outside the city limits is not eligible — even if they own a business inside.

Herman Todd, who owns a business next to Hardaway’s, isn’t feeling optimistic about being reimbursed.

“Not really, given the way people have been treating us for the last couple of years,” he said. “I will have to go with a ‘wait and see.'”

The comptroller’s office said about 150 eligible people have applied for the program. Follow-up letters are expected to go out soon.

House Speaker Matt Ritter (D-District 1) said the state wants to go slowly in order to see the scope of the damage. He said he’s willing to look at including business owners who live outside the city limits.

In the meantime, Hardaway has no compensation or solution for the floods.

“We had some hope, and we figured if we got the compensation fund, they would have a solution, but as for now, it’s not happening again,” he said.