WEST HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — School administrators in West Hartford are taking drastic measures to make sure racist graffiti does not end up in the bathrooms of one of the town’s high schools again.

“The bathrooms have been starting to close down. There are only certain bathrooms available. You have to sign out when you use the bathroom,” said Kinsey Wilson, a student.

On Wednesday morning, the principal of William H. Hall High School told students and staff over the PA system that more racist graffiti was found in the bathrooms. They have a zero tolerance policy, but this has happened more than once.

In a letter to parents, school administrators said the graffiti has been an ongoing problem.

“It gives just a bad taste in your mouth when you see these things happening in your very own community,” Wilson said.

State Senator Derek Slap, who represents West Hartford, applauds the school for their swift response. He believes once caught, the student should be held accountable.

“I was shocked when I heard about this. It’s disgusting, it’s horrible that it happened, and we need to make sure that all students feel welcome in our schools,” Slap said.

While students said it is alarming, sad and does not represent what goes on inside the high school, the NAACP said West Hartford is not alone. They are seeing this across the state.

“Norwalk area, Darien, the Redding area, and other areas across the state. Simsbury we’ve seen it, East Hartford we’ve seen it,” said Scot Esdaile, president of Connecticut NAACP.

Esdaile said the students need to be educated and held accountable.

“It’s really sad because we are seeing a lot of young people doing this and when you see so many young people doing this, the young people are our future, so we don’t want this racist future,” Esdaile said.

School administrators are asking students who see something to say something and bring it to the attention of a teacher.