SIMSBURY, Conn. (WTNH) – The Simsbury Board of Selectmen voted on Monday to ban cannabis smoking at multiple locations in town.

A board meeting was held at 6 p.m. at the Simsbury Town Hall to discuss the prohibition of smoking, vaping and cannabis products on public property.

The speakers at the meeting wanted to ban smoking in public areas in town including the golf course and local concert venue.

“We have the performing arts center in the middle of town and we have thousands of people. We are the home of the Hartford Symphony in the summer and we have the Talbot Music Festival,” said Cheryl Cook of Simsbury.

The Simsbury Board of Selectmen heard from both sides via email.

“A lot of folks they’re very for it like the health district, other people who are health-conscious it’s an important issue for them obviously, to protect themselves and kids. On the other side, we have folks who believe in small government, folks who believe in individual rights and don’t think government should get involved in it.”

The board ultimately banned cannabis smoking in parks, trails, playgrounds, government buildings and sidewalks. People may still smoke and vape tobacco products on public property.

The fine for illegally smoking will be $100.

The board may circle back around to add vape and cannabis products to the ordinance at a later date.