MANCHESTER, Conn. (WTNH) — Police said over a dozen catalytic converters were stolen from a U-Haul lot on Oakland Street Friday night in Manchester.

A quiet shock awaited customers and employees on Saturday morning when they found that there was damage to six cargo vans, four pickup trucks, and six box trucks, according to Manchester police.

In total, thieves got away with 16 catalytic converters from the U-Haul lot.

The devices are part of an exhaust system. They keep dangerous pollutants out of the air, and they also contain little bits of precious metals.

The amount of metal is small, but stealing converters has become a big business all over the country.

In Connecticut, a new law went into effect this past July that says scrap dealers and junkyard owners can’t buy catalytic converters that are not attached to cars unless they take down information about the person selling them.

This includes taking a picture of their driver’s license and license plate.

Officials said that law has slowed down the thefts, but it has not stopped them entirely, as seen in Manchester. Officers believe three suspects were involved in this string of thefts, and that the thieves may have been caught on surveillance cameras.

The video is currently being used to attempt to identify the three thieves, according to police.

Anyone with information on this case is asked to call Officer Thomas Van Langan at (860) 645-5500.