EAST HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — A school in East Hartford welcomed a legend in the music industry Thursday.

Smokey Robinson’s name is now on the music suite at Connecticut River Academy. Their reasoning goes beyond his musical talent.

“He was emblematic of a change in this country when people first got to realize what binds us together is so much more than what tears us apart,” said Mark Scheinberg, president of Goodwin University.

The music suite developed overtime and now has brand new equipment. Students said having Robinson’s name on the suite really inspires them.

“He inspires me so much. I really am a fan of his work and I am really happy he is visiting here and it’s really inspiring to see this music suite is inspired after him and his legacy,” said Sage Lerario, a singer and student at the school.

“Coming here everyday, practicing and just being with my teammates just makes me feel a lot better and… this can be really a life thing I can be doing, like a lifetime goal,” said Cachae Campbell, a scholar.

Robinson had some words of wisdom for the aspiring students who may come across others who doubt them.

“For those of you who are thinking about pursuing a music career, expect that and don’t let it make you give up because if you love it, you’re going to fight for it,” Robinson said.