Southington family in a nationwide invention contest

SOUTHINGTON, Conn. (WTNH) - Out of thousands competing -- it's down to five finalists in the National Dreamvention contest

"Frito Lay asked families to come up with an invention to solve an everyday problem," says Jill White. 

Congrats to the White family of Southington for making that elite list. 

She explains, "I had just enrolled them into an invention camp for the summer, so we had inventions on our mind any ways."        

Mom Jill says that with the help of daughters Audrey and Mia, it didn't take long for that light bulb moment.

"We started talking about how when they cook with their father and we'd be screaming because he doesn't watch them and they are near the oven. 

That -- led to the birth of Kid Safe Switch! 

"I came up with the sensor part, " Jill says, "And they came up with, they wanted lights flashing and a loud alarm that would make the kids run away and also let parents know that something is happening before somebody gets burned." 

Here's how it works.

Jill demonstrates, "It goes right onto the stove.  And when a child approaches who is below the top of the stove and they are within a few feet, a sensor is alerted and it sends up an alarm.  And a light flashes so usually the child will leave because when a child hears a loud alarm, they don't want to hear it."  

It's really for kids of all ages.

She says, "People telling me about these catastrophes happened.  People ending up in the hospitals for being burned or pulling pots down on their heads or just reaching out and touching so we believe this device makes sense."  

The grand prize is 250 thousand dollars. 
And America votes!
If you register to vote -- you're eligible for a chance to win a thousand dollars. 

The family says in unison,  "Vote for the Kid Safe Switch!."

Voting goes on daily through January 6. Click here to vote




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