WEST HARTFORD, Conn (WTNH) — With 45 days before Election Day, Democrats from across the state held an abortion rights rally Saturday morning in West Hartford.

Dozens of women and men with signs stood on the grass outside town hall, chanting “bans off our bodies” between speakers. 

State and local Democratic candidates running this year spoke on how they will protect abortion rights in Connecticut. 

“Even though we have codified Roe v. Wade in this state, and we have the strongest possible firewall for women, patients, doctors, nurses, health care providers, they will come for us,” said Attorney General William Tong. 

Tong also addressed the recent efforts to roll back reproductive rights. Last week, Sen. Lindsey Graham introduced a nationwide ban on abortion, prohibiting the procedure after 15 weeks, with some exceptions. 

“There is utterly no basis in law, no basis in the Constitution to ban abortion on a national, on a federal basis and if they try, I will be the first to sue,” he told the crowd. 

At the same time as the rally, a handful of individuals stood behind the crowd, holding anti-abortion rights signs. One person dressed in costume was beating a drum during the speeches. 

Gov. Ned Lamont addressed them at the podium.

“There are some protesters here. The Revolutionary War was about fighting for freedom. We’re standing here saying I don’t want the court and big government to stand in the way of a woman making her own right to choose,” he said.