HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — The city’s homeless lined up to receive boots, warm clothing, and medical support at Dunkin Donuts’ Park on Friday.

Stanley Smith, who knows the harsh reality of being homeless in the winter, is now staying at a shelter in Hartford.

“It’s bad out there, but if you got the right stuff, you won’t worry about it,” Smith said.

Smith was at Dunkin Donuts Oark for footwear with Care’s boot and sock giveaway for homeless adults. Everyone walking away with boots were referrals from local shelters.

SOT 07:30:11 Abby Sullivan Moore: Footwear with Care, Executive Director

“Most of our homeless don’t have decent footwear,” Abby Sullivan, executive director of Moore: Footwear with Care, said. “They walk everywhere in all kinds of weather.”

A unique collaboration with Hartford Hospital and Hartford Police made all of this possible. Officer Jim Barrett regularly works with homeless.

“The homeless community is just like one of us,” Barrett said. “They hit hard times its our job to point them in the right direction.”

Besides the free boots and socks, homeless individuals can also take advantage of free medical care, including getting the COVID vaccine.

This has helped Smith, as well as countless others.

“It’s a big difference man because we needed the shot,” Alvin Demeson of Hartford said. “We need to stay safe you know what I mean”

This was one of a series of boot distributions in Hartford.

Footwear with Care will also head to shelters to hand out more boots — over 250 pairs ares now on the feet of the homeless in Hartford.