NEW BRITAIN, Conn. (WTNH) — Looking for a cozy little place, away from intense sunlight, full of plenty of food options and with enough room in the basement for your favorite coffin? New Britain may be the place for you.

A study from Lawn Love ranked New Britain as the 44th-best city overall in the U.S. to be a vampire. While the city only ranked 425 in the food and drink category (more on that later), it placed second in lair safety, and 39th in community.

Other Connecticut cities also placed high on the list. Hartford came in at 47th, with its top score being 16th in the lair safety category. Waterbury came in at 49th place, with a lair safety rank in fourth place.

Stamford came in at 51st, New Haven at 53rd and Norwalk in 55th overall.

Connecticut cities were boosted by the area’s lingering clouds, according to the study, along with its number of casket suppliers. New England cities also saw a boost from how many basements are in the area

How was the food and drink category calculated? By how many blood donation centers are in an area, how many “potential victims” are available…and if cannibalism is legal in the state (unless you’re in Idaho, the answer is no, according to the study).