HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — One of the suspects involved in Monday’s deadly officer-involved shooting in West Hartford was back in court Thursday.

According to police, Lyle Solsbury has been arrested over 30 times and after being arraigned Wednesday in connection to Tuesday’s incident, he immediately posted bond again.

This is Solsbury’s 24th pending case. Twenty of those 24 are all incidents and arrests that happened this year.

Before setting bond Judge Carl Schuman called this the straw that broke the camel’s back.

“I ask you please let me go home and get some help. Please your honor,” said Solsbury, the defendant. 

“In my view you’ve had ample time to get some help but you continue to commit crimes,” Schuman said. 

Solsbury spoke out during his arraignment, begging the judge to reconsider the $500,000 bond but the judge says the 47-year-old’s lengthy criminal history spoke louder.

“Any person charged with 23 cases… is a threat to the community and should not be able to easily post bond,” Schuman said.

Solsbury was recently arrested during a car theft incident that ended with a West Hartford police officer shooting and killing the other suspect.

Police say officers were following a stolen vehicle on New Britain avenue around 5 p.m. Tuesday. Stop sticks were deployed and moments after the vehicle crashed into another passing by.

That’s when police say the two suspects, including Solsbury, took off on foot. The 47-year-old was caught and taken into custody.

The other man, who has not been identified, allegedly attempted to steal another car being worked on at a Town Fair Tire.

Police say the officer deployed his K-9,  then got into the vehicle to make the arrest but the suspect hit the gas.

After crashing into multiple cars the officer fired his gun hitting the man. He later died at the hospital.

Today in court, Solsbury addressed the incident.

“I got in a vehicle with somebody who was a mistake with someone I didn’t even know because my truck broke down,” said Solsbury.

West Hartford police say they’ve arrested Solsbury over 30 times.

A similar situation involving over a dozen arrests and repeated bonds posted led to outrage in Hartford earlier this week.

Chan Williams-Bey was out on bond for first-degree assault in connection to a man’s death, when he was arrested for allegedly shooting and killing another man Sunday.

The 27-year-old has posted over $800,000 in bonds to Connecticut; Solsbury has posted $1.2 million.

“I don’t think the community is safe letting you on your own to get your own help. $500,000,” Schuman said.

The judge stated if Solsbury posts the $500,000 bond, he must be on 24-hour house arrest with pre-trial supervision.

He is due back in court September 6th.