HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Hartford’s city council chambers were standing room only Tuesday evening as tenants from around the city came to protest their living conditions.

Outside, renters chanted, “No more roaches, no more rot, we want you to work for us,” and held signs showing the conditions inside their homes.

Most live in units run by Avalon Apartments, which has been transferred to Maple Management.

Fannie Ragland said that her landlord informed her he was about to increase her rent by $100 a month. Her unit, she said, has “severe issues.”

“When it rains, it leaks, so the plaster is now starting to get soaked, and it just drops down on you,” Ragland said.

Billie Terry said that no one responds when she calls or emails.

News 8 reached out to Avalon Apartments for comment. The company’s voicemails were full, and no one was inside the building when News 8 stopped by.

The city council listened to the concerns and discussed finding money to hire more inspectors.

“Big landholders who aren’t here, this is just a little part of a big portfolio for them, this is just a way to squeeze money out, and it’s very hard,” Councilman Joshua Michtom said. “The only thing they answer to is monetary consequences.”

Rick Bush, who runs R&M Property Management, said that bad landlords are a minority.

“It makes me upset because a lot of the landlords I deal with, and many of the landlords I know personally, are good, quality landlords who like to keep their properties in good condition, and good repair, and there are unfortunately some bad actors,” Bush said.

The tenants in attendance said they plan to continue to push the city council to act on their complaints.