HARTFORD, Conn, (WTNH) — Coming out of the pandemic, companies are re-evaluating their real estate portfolios, closing some places and moving employees to others.

Between Travelers, Aetna and The Hartford, there are more than 30,000 employees. Now The Hartford is adding more people to the mix.

The Hartford announced they are closing their Windsor campus and moving hundreds of people to the Capital City offices. With more remote employees and hybrid schedules, they need less office space.

It is becoming a national trend, according to Patrice Luoma, professor of entrepreneurship and strategy at Quinnipiac University.

“They wanted employees to come back when the pandemic ended, but a lot of employees said ‘wait a sec, I kind of like working from home and there is no advantage to me being there,'” Luoma said.

The evidence and research backs it up, so many companies getting on board with the hybrid or work from home shift.

“There is evidence that employees work harder when they’re home than when they have to go to work, because first of all when I go to work I talk to everybody that’s there, so I don’t get any work done. If I want to do work, I have to be here in my home office,” Luoma said.

While The Hartford is shifting employees to the offices downtown, other companies like an accounting firm are welcoming their employees back as well.

“We are just trying to promote people to get back into the office, kind of connect especially for those people that started in a virtual environment,” said Matt Weimar of Hartford.

“I think a lot of people are hybrid. I think there is a lot of good flexibility that comes from working with home, but I definitely miss the office atmosphere too,” said Coleen Loughran of Hartford.

More workers in downtown Hartford means more people hanging out in bars, restaurants and clubs around the city.

“There are a lot of nice restaurants, good food, good patios, good atmosphere. We have the Yard Goats which always has really good games,” Loughran said.

This is not the first time The Hartford has consolidated. They closed their Simsbury campus back in 2013 and moved people to Hartford and Windsor from there.