MANCHESTER, Conn. (WTNH) — Security footage from Jay’s Automotive in Manchester shows a stolen car pulling into the lot, a man getting out, hopping into a rig, and then driving away.

Earlier in the day, the same thing happened in the Enfield area, according to Jay Pitchell, who owns the business.

“There has been nine trucks stolen in the past six weeks from around this area, so it is definitely organized and it’s definitely targeted,” Pitchell said.

Manchester police are now collaborating with other officers to track down the trucks and return them to their owners.

In the meantime, Pitchell is down to a single tow truck. He now has to buy another, all while trying to keep business going with less equipment.

Pitchell thinks the thieves could be stealing the trucks to take other cars or yank ATMs out of concrete mounts.

“That’s what they’re using them for because they’re winches,” he said. “They can pull a lot of weight, but these guys are organized, and they know what they’re doing, and we have to stop them.”

Another truck was stolen early Wednesday morning. Police have made an arrest in the case and recovered one truck in East Hartford.

Pitchell’s truck, however, has not been found.