WEST HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — The West Hartford Public Library is dealing with a case of book bandits.

Library officials said that people are stealing books — and that it might be happening at other sites.

“We have noticed that it’s new books, but it’s all topics,” said Laura Irmscher, the director of the West Hartford Public Library. “It’s fiction and nonfiction. There doesn’t seem to be any particular subject matter or genre.”

Several hundred books have disappeared since June, nearly all of them labeled as new. Middletown and Portland library have also seen books swiped. Each book is worth between $25 and $35.

It’s frustrating library officials.

“All of our programs and services are free, and we are here to serve the community, so when someone takes a book without checking it out, and takes it from the library, they are really stealing from their community,” Irmscher said.

The libraries that have been hit are increasing security.