UPDATE: House of Representatives pass early voting in Connecticut 125-24

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There’s an effort at the State Capitol to have Connecticut join 39 other states and have early voting, but the change is more complicated here than in many other states.

Doing this is more complicated here because our voting rules are set in the state constitution, so in order to change them, you have to approve a Constitutional Amendment.

Right now, if you want to vote early in Connecticut, your only alternative is to go to your city or town clerk, tell them you’re going to be out of town on Election Day, and fill out a absentee ballot.

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The proposed amendment would allow people to vote up to three days prior to Election Day at town hall with no excuse needed.

This amendment would have to be approved by voters in a statewide election.

The Connecticut House of Representatives gave Early Voting a supermajority vote of 125-24 on Wednesday evening.

In order to get it on next year’s ballot, it has to be passed now by the Senate by a supermajority as well.

A statement from the Secretary of the State Denise Merrill said if the proposal also passes the Connecticut Senate with a 75% supermajority, the initiative would appear on the ballot at the 2020 general election, allowing voters to decide if they want the ability to vote prior to Election Day.

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