AVON, Conn. (WTNH) — A family of black bears were captured on camera rummaging for the “bear necessities” inside of a dumpster in Avon.

Emily Maurer was leaving work when she spotted a black bear inside of the dumpster. After getting into her vehicle, she took out her phone and started recording.

“Hello, Mr. Bear,” she says, before realizing that it wasn’t alone.

Then came the second, bear, and the third, and a fourth. As she told ABC News, “It was just like one of those clown cars.”

The bears wander into some trees at the end of the one-minute video, with Maurer seeing them off with an excited, “Bye, babies.”

The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protect issued caution earlier this month as bear activity increases. The agency urges people to store garbage in secure, airtight contains to avoid conditioning bears to search through trash. Adding ammonia to trash cans can also reduce odors.