BERLIN, Conn. (WTNH) — The video of a woman who appears to verbally and physically assault a member of the military at a restaurant in Berlin has gone viral, and police expect to file charges.

“This is disgusting. Disgusting,” the woman said to the alleged victim. She appears to throw the sailor’s cover on the ground and slap him.

“Ma’am, you’re on camera,” Maria Karoni, a friend of the sailor who videotaped the incident inside the lobby of Central Pizza on Mill Street in Berlin last weekend, said.

“Show his uniform,” the woman continued to yell. “You disgrace the U.S. You disgrace the USA.”

The woman, who police have not yet publicly named, questioned the fatigues the sailor was wearing.

Sean Nolte Jr. identified himself to News 8 as the person who was assaulted in the pizzeria. News 8 learned he is a student at the submarine school on the Naval SUBASE in Groton.

WEB EXTRA: Woman allegedly assaults Navy student at Berlin pizza restaurant

The owner of Central Pizza said he was shocked by what he saw.

“I have never seen something like that,” Jason Bikakis said.

Thousands have seen the video, but it wasn’t until police released it to news outlets that they got results.

“We got a bunch of tips yesterday [Tuesday] that we followed up on,” Acting Berlin Police Chief Chris Ciuci said. “We were able to identify the suspect. She met with our investigators, and she’s cooperating so we anticipate there will be charges forthcoming.”

In addition to the viral video, police say they also have other videos like ones taken from surveillance cameras in the lobby of the restaurant. Police did not want those videos released while the investigation remains open.

The owner told News 8 he actually saw the woman slap the submariner.

“Slap him, yes, in the face like she knows him for a long time,” Bikakis said.

“She was in a public restaurant and she created alarm by her language and by assaulting someone,” Ciuci said. “So, there are charges related to breach of peace and assault in the third degree that we’re pursuing.”

At the time of the alleged incident, the woman did not believe the man was in the Navy, even after he showed her his military ID, but maybe now she does.