HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Thursday night a vigil was held for a 56-year-old woman who was shot to death during a drive-by shooting this week.

Sylvia Cordova was an innocent bystander in a drive-by shooting on Sisson Ave. Wednesday. Thursday, her friends and family gathered on her front stoop – her home riddled with bullet holes – to remember a woman that many in the neighborhood knew for her generosity and extraordinary positive spirit.

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More than one attendee told News 8 Cardova would be the one cheering everybody up if it was someone else’s vigil.

Enid Prez, Cardova’s sister-in-law, said, “Happy, she was always joking with me, making me laugh.”

Cordova was known around the neighborhood as ‘Pebbles.’ Only five feet tall, but larger than life as she would help everyone in the neighborhood including the homeless by bringing them food on the street corner.

Nadia Gaba, a friend of Cardova, said, “She would cook, and if she would see somebody she would bring them food, and if I was sick, she would call and say ‘I will bring you soup.'”

Police say it was a drive-by shooting and the weapon was a high-powered assault rifle.

Hartford Police Chief Jason Thody explained, “Whenever there is an assault rifle involved, knowing the damage these assault rifles can do, detectives really ramped it up a notch, and within 10 or 11 hours we will have in our possession what we believe to be the firearm that we believe was responsible.”

The assault rifle had such high power behind it, bullets went right through Cardova’s wall and through the window in the door. You can see all the shattered glass, in the car leaving behind shattered lives.

We spoke to the family about it. They were very upset and emotional especially since she was in her apartment getting ready to cook dinner. 

Gaba said, “It’s happening everywhere. She was home cooking for her son who is coming home from work. It’s hard, it’s hard!”

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal responded to Cardova’s loss Thursday saying, “Truly heartbreaking. Our communities continue to perpetually feel the pain & loss of gun violence. Congress can—& must—be an agent of change & save lives. The time for commonsense action is now.”

Wednesday, Hartford had their 16th and 17th homicide. The total for last year was 25.

Hartford Police Chief Thody added, “We are in the middle of a difficult time right now and the officers are stepping up, as you see on Wethersfield Avenue, as you see during these instances, they answer the bell time and time and time again.”

Police say they are closing in on an arrest, right now they are following up on leads.