(WTNH) — A large crowd and an outpouring of support at an emotional vigil on Garden Street in Hartford Saturday evening to remember the life of 71-year-old Yvonne Smith. Police say she was killed there Thursday afternoon when a car, involved in a shootout, tried to speed away from the scene.

The car hit her. One of her daughters, crying, as she addressed the crowd at the vigil.

“I miss my mom everyday,” she said. “God help me right now.”

The community is mourning her loss and calling for a solution to end the violence in Hartford. Smith was considered the grandmother of the neighborhood.

“The way they were shooting up those streets?” said Rev. Henry Brown, of a group called Mothers United Against Violence. “The parents got to start stepping up and start holding these children accountable.”

Smith was near the scene of a shooting that broke out just before 2:00 p.m. Thursday afternoon at the corner of Garden and Westland Streets.

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Police said that’s when one of the cars attempted to flee the scene quickly, the driver backed up into Smith, who was getting out of her car.

On Friday morning, police arrested the suspect — a 16-year-old juvenile who now faces a list of charges, including manslaughter, larceny and evading responsibility resulting in death.

He’s behind bars.

Hartford Police also say the car was stolen from Manchester two days before the tragedy.

Yvonne Smith’s family says the large turnout at the vigil gives them some sense of comfort.

“Thankful to The Lord that they came out to support her and loved her like I did,” Smith’s husband said.

News 8’s LaSalle Blanks will have more information on the vigil tonight on WTNH.