WEST HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — A proposal to rezone land on LaSalle Road to make way for a mixed-use project passed the West Hartford Town Council in an 8-1 vote Wednesday night at a special town council meeting.

The Arapahoe Group asked to change the zoning to allow the construction of a mixed-use development in the area of Arapahoe Road, LaSalle Road, and Farmington Avenue, according to an agenda item from the meeting.

The plan includes a six-story condo complex right behind the building that houses Webster Bank and Beckers. City officials said it would consist of dozens of apartments and stores beneath them. Supporters like the idea of additional housing and the tax revenue it would create.

“That’s not the only thing driving this development. This development is underutilized, and it is such a benefit to the community,” Mayor Shari Cantor said. “That weighs on all of our decisions.”

“I love eliminating the big empty lot, and I have been in that big empty lot,” said Alberto Cortes, West Hartford Town Councilmember. “It’s not pretty back there, so i’s nice to take up that space.”

The town council weighed concerns that the development is too big and could cause traffic problems.

“This big huge building that you may not see on LaSalle Road, but when you turn on Arapahoe, it’s going to look out of place,” Cortes said. “So, again is this the best?”

Although the mixed-use site would have mostly luxury apartments, Mayor Shari Cantor said it would also have four affordable housing units.

“It’s all about variety,” Cantor told News 8. “There are different times in your life when you have different needs. We are trying to fill all those needs so you can stay in the community, age in the community, start in the community, all of those things.”

The mayor said more developments are moving along, valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars, including a 172-unit luxury housing development at the site of the former children’s museum that the town council approved. West Hartford officials are trying to keep the options open for new residents, many moving in from the big cities.

“We’ve seen extraordinary numbers of New Yorkers and people from Boston, young couples that want to be in more of an affordable area, have great schools, have that walkability and vibrancy, and we are building on that literally,” Cantor said.