WEST HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — West Hartford police are looking for a man and a woman who allegedly lured at least two elderly women out of their cars to steal their wallets and credit cards and ring up charges.

It is happening in broad daylight, in busy parking lots. Police said the first incident occurred on Feb. 1 in the Whole Foods parking lot on North Main Street. An elderly woman said she was approached by a man who had something in his hand and gestured her to the back of her vehicle to address an issue with the tire.

According to police, the elderly woman spoke with the man, who walked away, and the woman later determined her wallet had been stolen with fraudulent charges made on several credit cards.

The latest incident happened Feb. 24, police said, in the Trader Joe’s parking lot on New Britain Avenue. An elderly woman was in her car when a man tapped on her window with a tire tool and the woman assumed she had a flat tire.

Police said she got out of the car, the man walked her around to her passenger rear tire and nothing was wrong with it. When that woman reentered her vehicle, police said she noticed her wallet was stolen, with fraudulent charges attempted on multiple credit cards.

“Especially as a female, I think you kind of have to always be on high alert. I feel like there are already a lot of things that are keeping us on edge so that’s just one more thing that I am not looking forward to,” said Liz King of West Hartford. “It’s kind of messed up that they’re doing that to make it seem like they’re doing you a solid and then stealing your stuff.”

Police said the suspects in these incidents did not have similar descriptions but the style of theft is almost identical.

“We have not identified the persons of interest yet, so that is why we wanted to put those pictures out there for the public and if anyone recognizes them or if this has happened to them or they have any more information on these, to please contact us,” said West Hartford Police Sgt. Amanda Martin.

West Hartford police are also working with the Westport Police Department because they had a similar crime at the Whole Foods in their town. The suspect in the Westport incident matched the description of the suspect from the Feb. 1 incident at Whole Foods, police said.

Police think there may be other victims out there who just do not know they have been hit.

According to police, the detectives have been very busy working the case and do have some solid leads.

If you have any information, contact the West Hartford Police Department at (860) 523-5203. You can also contact the Tip Line at (860) 570-8969 or email whpdtips@westhartfordct.gov.