WETHERSFIELD, Conn. (WTNH) — Illegal street racing has taken over roads and parking lots in Wethersfield at least twice in the last several months. 

“We saw them on the Berlin Turnpike one night it was awful they were holding up traffic doing wheelies and everything else so yeah take all of it away,” said resident Dave Benoit. 

Wethersfield Mayor Mike Rell told News 8 he shares the frustrations, which is why he is introducing a bill tomorrow that will target the problem. 

The bill would set up a regional task force made up of law enforcement officers from the Greater Hartford area to crack down on dangerous driving. 

“It’s not just vehicles but it’s ATVs, dirt bikes, souped-up motor vehicles they are racing up and downtown streets,” Rell said. 

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Rell said these illegal events are usually organized on social media.

“Utilize the task force to look at social media see how these events are organized hold those that organize these types of events with higher penalties,” he said. 

Wethersfield police said suspects in these car rallies could face a number of charges including reckless driving and trespassing. 

If the bill is passed it will go into effect on July 1. 

Residents are hoping the bill will become a reality.

“Yeah it’s unsafe for the kids in the area as well and I have a little dog who gets freaked out all the time by all the street activity around the area,”  said Wethersfield resident Ben Tremelay. 

The mayor will present this bill to the public safety committee Thursday at 11 a.m.