HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Are you looking for information on a convention, your favorite sports team or a new business in Hartford? You’re not alone.

Restaurants, events and sports were among the list of most-Googled things in Hartford over the last year, according to data from Google Trends. Searches for the capital city peaked in the middle of July, with most search traffic coming from inside of the state.

What other states were interested in Hartford? Vermont comes in at second on the list, followed by South Dakota, Rhode Island and Wisconsin.

There are two metrics Google uses when ranking searches — the terms that were searched for the most, and “rising” searches. Overall, the most popular searches tend to be the city’s name (terms like “hartford,” “west hartford,” “new hartford” and “east hartford” top the list), questions about the weather and what time it was. “Rising” searches focus more on topics that are searched for in relation to Hartford.

Here are the top 10 Hartford-related searches in the last year, according to Google’s “rising” data:

  1. savannah bananas hartford
  2. the bunker new hartford
  3. glow hartford
  4. rosa mexicano west hartford
  5. sparrow west hartford
  6. jason aldean hartford ct
  7. hartford hospital employee tools
  8. 10 day forecast hartford ct
  9. breeze airways
  10. hartford convention

Here are the top 10 Hartford-related searches within the last five years according to Google’s “rising” data:

  1. hartford healthcare amphitheater
  2. curaleaf hartford
  3. ability advantage the hartford
  4. hartford healthcare covid testing
  5. parkville market hartford ct
  6. mychart hartford healthcare
  7. union kitchen west hartford
  8. frida west hartford
  9. american hartford gold
  10. hartford healthcare my chart