WINDSOR, Conn. (WTNH) — Some schools close on Veterans Day. Not the Windsor School District, though. They use the day to educate students all about veterans.

“They helped us,” said 2nd-grader Michael Luzzi, already learning the lesson. “They helped serve our country.”

All Windsor schools mark Veterans Day in some way. Poquonock Elementary goes all out with a display of military vehicles and a Junior ROTC color guard. Students sing patriotic songs for a couple of dozen local veterans who come for the ceremony.

“Then the veterans all go to the classrooms, and they read a book to the students about honoring veterans on this day,” explained Poquonock School Principal Jay Mihalko.

The students are not just honoring veterans today. They are also remembering active-duty troops. The students will be writing letters to service members deployed overseas. That way students can think and learn about the sacrifice it takes to serve in uniform.

Paul Foley knows all about that. He went to Iraq and Afghanistan as a Master Sergeant in the air Force. Now he’s the Poquonock School security guard. He teaches students a simple lesson.

“Look at a veteran and just say thanks,” Foley said. “Take that moment to stop and not walk by. Just look at them and say, ‘Thank you.’ Usually, that’s just enough. All we need is a simple thank you.”

Students like Michael Luzzi pay attention. When asked what he says to veterans, he did not even hesitate.

“Thank you,” he replied

Thank you to all the veterans, every day.