WEST HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Another case of hate speech spewed in a Zoom attack. This time, it targeted a virtual service at a synagogue in West Hartford Monday.

Leaders at the Emmanuel Synagogue are saddened and disturbed over the comments left behind on Zoom during a virtual service. The synagogue president tells News 8 the incident is unfortunately a sign of the times.

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The incident unfolding Monday night during the evening Minyan where mourners were online honoring a loved one who had recently passed away. About 80 people including the grieving family were present for the heinous act.

The two alleged Zoom bombers interrupted the service with pornographic videos and Nazi imagery while allegedly shouting anti-Semitic comments.

The West Hartford Police Department was contacted about the incident along with the Anti-Defamation League.

The President of Emmanuel Synagogue Alan Simon says, despite the disturbing incident, he still encourages people to attend nightly virtual services.

“It’s concerning, it makes me feel sad that there are people in this world whose purpose is to hurt others…We understand that there are both good and bad things that happen and this is a bad thing.”

Synagogue leaders say the display of hate does not define them. They say neither they nor their members will be intimidated by such acts.

But now, a new layer of protection and security is on the way for future virtual services at Emmanuel Synagogue.

Simon says, “We brought in an expert from Zoom who is working with our people.”

He adds, his members will stand tall in the face of intolerance:

“We are never intimidated by hatred. We are the people of Moses, we are the people of David, we are the people of Esther. We have suffered hate crimes throughout millennia and never have we bowed and never will we bow.”