NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Connecticut’s antlered friends were fa”moose” on Google last week, according to data from the search giant.

“Moose in Connecticut” was listed as second-most “rising” search when it comes to Connecticut, according to Google Trends, with searches for the terms increasing by 600%.

Hurricane Gloria was third on the “rising” list, at 500%.

The 2009 film “The Haunting in Connecticut,” along with “The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia,” were the top two searches listed as related to the state.

Here are the top 10 “rising” searches related to Connecticut, according to Google Trends:

  1. Fresno State football
  2. Moose in Connecticut
  3. Hurricane Gloria Connecticut
  4. Connecticut essential worker relief
  5. Haunting in Connecticut 2 true story
  6. Haunting in Connecticut 2
  7. The Haunting in Connecticut 2
  8. Apple festival Connecticut
  9. Haunting in Connecticut true story
  10. Haunting in Connecticut 2 cast

When it came to the overall topics for searches, the list remains mostly unchanged from week to week, with city names, lottery numbers, weather searches and sporting events typically topping the list.

So why the sudden interest in movies? According to Trends data, most of those searches for “The Haunting in Connecticut 2” came from Maine. Users who Googled the term were also likely to search for “The Witch,” “Insidious,” “The Conjuring” and “Silent Hill” during the start of the Halloween season.

When it comes to the original “The Haunting in Connecticut,” people were also likely to search for movies within the “Halloween” franchise, along with “The Witch,” demonic possession and morgues.

Moose also had their time in the spotlight last week. On Saturday, crews were called to Barkhamsted for a moose that got its front hooves over a fence, and then got stuck.

A few days earlier, the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection issued a warning for motorists to watch for a moose that had been sighted in the Danbury, New Fairfield, Newtown, Southbury and Woodbury areas.