Conn. (WTNH) — Thousands are struggling to keep their phone charged and food fresh without power following Tropical Storm Isaias. Dietician at Yale New Haven Hospital Ellen Liskov says it’s probably time to throw out the food in your fridge.

Liskov says the long-term power outages caused by the storm Tuesday will especially affect any dairy products, meat, or eggs now that 48 hours have passed.

If you eat them, you and your family could become very ill. 

She says if you have been able to keep everything on ice at a temperature of 40 degrees or cooler, it should be OK. Also, if you haven’t opened your stocked freezer yet, frozen foods should also be OK still.

“If you should check your freezer and you find that your frozen chicken and frozen meat is still solid or it has ice crystals, it should still be OK to either cook and use or to refreeze,” she explained.

Now, keeping your phone charged can be tricky, too. That’s why there are charging stations open across the state.

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Many are asking for one member of the family to come to avoid crowds.