CHESHIRE, Conn. (WTNH) — Driving running red lights is a frustrating issue that can have dangerous results.

Stop On Red Week is observed across the country every year during the first full week of August — Aug. 7 to 13 — to highlight the significance of red traffic lights and reduce crashes caused by breaking the red light rule.

Police in Los Angeles said a driver sped through a red light at a busy intersection, killing six people and injuring eight others. The horrific crash serves as a reminder of what may happen when drivers follow basic traffic laws.

“They’re pushing their way through the traffic signal as it turns yellow,” said Dr. Eric Jackson, the executive director of the Connecticut Transportation Research Safety Center based at UConn. “I’ve seen it myself. People are on edge and a lot more aggressive. We are seeing it across the board with injuries and fatalities.”

So far this year in Connecticut, four people have been killed and 958 were injured due to a driver running a red light or stop sign.

“2022 right now is on track to be one of the deadliest years in over two decades,” said Ken Barone, the associate director of the UConn Institute for Municipal and Regional Policy.

According to the data they collect from police, Barone said the majority of red light violators are being let off the hook.

“In 2020, you were more likely to receive an infraction in the state of Connecticut for a traffic violation,” Barone said.

Year to date, Barone said just 15% of Connecticut drivers who ran a red light received a citation, which means 85% got away with a warning.

On state roads like Route 10 in Cheshire, police typically see the most traffic violations. Speeding is more common on these roads, but Chesire Police Chief Neil Dryfe said red light violations do happen. For both cases, he said officers usually give a warning, as long as the driver doesn’t have a history.

“Officers lean heavily on warnings in our community,” Dryfe said. “A lot of people they stop are town residents, and there’s a financial impact, not just the fine, but insurance rates.”

Along with increasing your insurance, a ticket for running a red light can cost you $139 and add points to your record.

Cheshire stopped 152 drivers for a traffic light violation last year, which is not a lot in comparison to some of the larger cities.

In 2021, New Haven recorded the most traffic violation stops at 2,085; Hartford had the second highest at 1,138. Some notable lows include Wolcott with just two and Redding with one.

2019-2021 Stop Sign Violations in Connecticut

2019-2021 Traffic Light Violations in Connecticut