NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — While hitting it big is a cause for celebration, you may want to keep the good news to yourself.

In Connecticut, depending on the size of the prize pot, you get a chance to. While the state doesn’t let winners remain totally anonymous, the lucky players can ask to have their name removed from a web page if they win more than $10,000, according to the Connecticut Lottery. However, that information can still be available if someone files a Freedom of Information Act request with the state.

An exception is if you have a valid protective order, or a card proving you are in an address confidentiality program. A trust is another option to help remain a secret.

Here’s how a trust works: Winnings can be placed in a blind trust, which helps get a bit of privacy, and then allows the winner to use a trustee to publicly get the money.

But how often do Connecticut Lottery winners ask to keep their news a secret? A News 8 analysis found that of the most recent 360 winners, about 16.56% have asked to remain anonymous online. One of those includes a $1 million winner in Enfield who took home a jackpot on a July 24 ticket.

The data shows that a higher prize doesn’t necessarily mean that a winner will ask for their name to be removed. Some prizes as low as $10,000 were anonymous, while $100,000 a $1 million winner were named.

Could you be a winner and not know it? One prize still remained unclaimed in the state, as of Sunday afternoon. Check your tickets, whoever bought a Fast Play – $2 STACKS OF CA$H PROGRESSIVE won $38,088 on July 28. The lucky ticket was bought at Kings Wines & Liquors in East Windsor.