Conn. (WTNH) — Have you ever attended a wedding and wondered how to become an officiant? You’re not alone.

Whether you’re interested in becoming an officiant to help marry a friend or family member — or simply because you love the idea of bringing two people together in companionship — there are a few simple steps to make that idea a reality.

While each state’s rules differ, in Connecticut, wedding officiants are not required to register with any government office ahead of a marriage ceremony.

So, how do you become an officiant in Connecticut?

First, you have to become an ordained minister of the American Marriage Ministries to have the legal ability to officiate any wedding in the state. The ordination process is not only free, but simple. Interested applicants can submit the form found here.

Since registration with the state is not required, state officials urge ordained ministers to hold onto their ministry credentials.

From there comes the fun part. Officiants should learn about wedding ceremony terminology to properly wed two people, as well as the seven essential parts of a wedding ceremony. This includes the procession, invocation, declaration of intent, vows exchange, rings exchange, pronouncement, and recession.

Then, it’s down to the nuts and bolts — writing and developing the wedding ceremony script. This all depends on if you know the couple or not, and can be entirely broad or very matriculate.

Over 7,500 people are currently AMM ministers in Connecticut. Find more resources to prepare for a wedding ceremony via AMM here.