NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — It’s the season of thanks and giving, but a rising number of people are getting something unwanted.

Influenza and RSV cases are up this month in Connecticut and COVID numbers remain high, according to the Connecticut Department of Public Health.

Simsbury mother, Stephanie Carroll, wasn’t surprised by another positive COVID test.

“Here we go again. I have a large family with five children so I always worry who’s going to get this next,” she said.

Carroll’s 14-year-old son was among hundreds to test positive in Connecticut last week. Carroll said what started as feeling under the weather quickly went downhill.

“Come Saturday morning things took a turn for the worse when he had a high fever. He was really lethargic, just really not feeling great and that’s when we tested and it was positive,” Carroll said.

Dr. Frank Mongillo who specializes in internal medicine said his New Haven office is also seeing a rise, as they typically do this time of year — with people spending more time indoors.

“We’re getting a lot of phone calls,” Dr. Mongillo said. “A lot of sore throats, cough, nasal congestion.”

According to Connecticut Department of Public Health data, COVID numbers fell last week from more than 1,000 cases reported the week before. Both flu and RSV cases jumped this month with one flu death and two RSV-related deaths.

Dr. Mongillo said overall his patients are getting much milder symptoms but with large gatherings with friends and families including Thanksgiving next week, he advises caution.

“If you have an elderly relative and you’re feeling sick, you should probably try to avoid contact,” Dr. Mongillo said.

Having tested positive, avoiding contact is something Carroll’s son has done for three days now to keep the rest of the household healthy.

“My son has had to quarantine himself in a different part of our home,” Carroll said. “Obviously it’s concerning but it’s a huge interruption when your child gets COVID.”

Carroll said her son is continuing to improve and feels better each day.

Dr. Mongillo advises people to get their vaccines for RSV, COVID and the flu ahead of the holidays to protect themselves from illness.