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How to survive a mass shooting in 3 simple words


MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (WTNH) – This weekend’s mass shootings were further reminders that gun violence can happen anywhere, anytime. That is why the Connecticut State Police want you to keep 3 words in mind all the time: Run, Hide, Fight.

“Run, hide, fight works whether you’re at school, at work, at the grocery store, at a church or at the movies,” said Trooper Christine Jeltema.

All of those are places we have seen a mass shooting in recent years. If you hear gunfire like folks did in downtown Dayton, Ohio, do what they did and run. Leave your belongings, and run away from the shooter.

“We want you guys to be safe,” Tpr. Jeltema said. “We want you guys to get out as fast as possible, get out of the situation as fast as possible with less casualties.”

Police say, if you can help others escape, great. If they won’t join you in running, leave them and go, and warn others to stay away. Also, as hard as it might be, do not stop to help the wounded.

“As soon as law enforcement gets in there, and as soon as the scene is safe, then they’ll start to bring in those individuals that are able to help the wounded,” said Jeltema.

When you do encounter police, show them your hands so they know you are not a threat. If there is nowhere to run, you have to hide. Try to get under something or behind a locked or barricaded door. Turn off the lights. Turn your phone to silent, not even vibrate, and try to use text or social media to let people know where you are.

If the shooter does find you, and there is no way out – fight. With whatever you have.

“Whether it’s grabbing something that’s in the room: a fire extinguisher, a chair, whatever it might be, stop their actions and then try to get out of that situation as fast as possible,” Jeltema said.

Try to do as much harm as possible, because your life depends on it.

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