NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — United Auto Workers are ready to go on strike if a new labor deal isn’t in place by midnight Friday.

If not, the union will strike at specific, targeted auto plants.

The union is calling it a “stand up strike” that could expand to more locations. In Connecticut, it’d affect a Ford parts depot in Windsor that has about 40 members.

UAW President Shawn said that Ford, GM and Stellantis have increased their pay proposals to 20% — while the union has asked for 40%. Workers said their proposed increase matches what the CEOs for the automakers have had.

“We’ve seen the companies make record profits,” said Brandon Mancilla, the UAW Region 9A director. “In the last ten years, they’ve made a trillion. That’s right, $250 billion in profits, and we have not seen workers wages keep up with that. We have not seen the restoration of pensions, the restoration of post-retirement health care.”

UAW’s strike fund will provide $500 a week for members.

The auto companies, however, said that the unions demands are unrealistic as the industry moves to creating more electric vehicles.

“We’re literally fighting for the future of auto-motor manufacturing in our country,” Ford CEO Jim Farley has said about the strike. “But, we’re optimistic we will find a way forward.”

He called the offer to the union to most lucrative one in 80 years, but said some of the demands — including a four-day workweek — are “not sustainable.”