HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Hundreds marched from Elizabeth Park to the Governor’s Mansion Saturday demanding recovery for all. They said many are still struggling financially despite declining COVID-19 cases.

Protestors and elected officials in support of the cause said the pandemic highlighted issues state representatives say Connecticut has been facing for years.

18th District State Rep. Jillian Gilcrest said, “Connecticut has had racial and economic disparities for some time. The pandemic didn’t create it, it’s just illuminating it.”

Jorge Cabrera of the 17th Senate District said, “I speak to too many people who are struggling. Whether it’s our public schools not getting enough funding, I’m the husband of an educator, and I’ve seen first hand the struggles she has gone through.”

Elected officials showed up to support a new budget aimed at tackling concerns, like affordable healthcare, tax reform, and job loss.

Edwin Vargas, State Rep. for south Hartford said, “There are a lot of people who have lost their jobs, they’re in danger of being evicted, some of them have lost their health insurance so it’s important that we as a community to come together and help those members of our community that are hurting.”

Teachers showed up to demand more resources for their students and better wages.

“The richest state in the richest country, we can do better than we’re doing right now,” Jeff Leake, a Cheshire teacher, said.

While the governor wasn’t at the rally, protestors hope he hears their pleas and rethinks a budget they feel will better the state.

“We think we’re sending a strong message to Gov. Lamont, and we want to make sure he hears it,” Leake continued. “I don’t know where he is…Just happy to be here with all of these folks fighting for the same thing a fair, just, equitable Connecticut.”