NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Cherry blossoms bloom in the spring, and then they’re gone as fast as they came.

The cherry blossom is known worldwide as the Japanese cherry or sakura, the national flower of Japan, and is a popular tourist attraction in various U.S. cities.

Typically, the flowers pop up at the end of April, though the exact timing can vary due to weather. Their blooming period, however, is short — people can only view the flower in full bloom for about two weeks.

So, where can you catch them before they’re gone and the summer season sets in?

Here are some cherry blossom tree hot spots:

Wooster Square — New Haven

New Haven’s historic Wooster Square is known during the summer months for its delicious pizza spots, but in the spring, it sparks attention for its cherry blossom trees. Over 70 trees line the neighborhood, and residents celebrate with the annual Cherry Blossom Festival. This year’s 50-year edition of the festival will take place on Sunday, April 16.

Bushnell Park — Hartford

Numerous cherry blossom trees line Bushnell Park in Hartford, with the State Capitol and skyline as a backdrop.

Downtown Greenwich — Greenwich

While walking through downtown Greenwich, you can witness the cherry trees creating a canopy over the sidewalks.

Mill River Park — Stamford

Stamford provides a perfect, picturesque view of the flowers with the cityscape background overlooking the trees. The trees are planted alongside a walkway with benches.

Yale Campus — New Haven

Hidden amongst Yale Campus are various cherry blossom trees. Whether you’re a student or just passing through in New Haven, you can view the pink delights by Harkness Tower, Berkeley College North Court, Yale Center for Language Studies, and the East Asian Languages Department. Trees can also be found near Grove Cemetery and Swing Space.