(WTNH) — The cold and snow may have you thinking about summer vacation, but the pandemic has many people staying away from airports and resorts.

Some plans are also getting canceled. Preston resident Chuck Davis was about to go on a European cruise, but the line called it off at the last minute.

“Vacation-wise, we’re pretty much on hold for the moment, waiting for the coast to be clear, I guess, as far as vaccines,” Davis said

Most people are doing the same thing, which is devastating travel-related businesses.

“The hotel industry, the restaurant industry, and sadly, these are some places that have been part of the fabric of the culture of those places for years,” said University of New Haven Tourism Professor Jan Jones.

Jones believes people still want to get away, they’re just staying away from big resorts.

“Family vacations have become very popular, so rental places where you don’t have to be around other people so essentially, you’re just in another location in a house,” Jones said.

In a rental house, you’re only around your people. Last year was a record year for house rentals, and this summer looks just as popular.

“If you want to go away this summer and you want to stay in a rental property, you need to book now,” said Jones. “It’s supply and demand, so if they already have quite a few of their bookings done, then those prices are going to go up the longer you wait.”

The pictures you see on the website can look a lot better than the real thing, however. It’s best to take a look in person or follow a recommendation.

“My advice, actually, is to talk to friends,” Jones advised. “Try to network with people who actually did do something last summer.”

As for this summer, Davis is taking a pass.

“So I’m just going to kind of wait it out and do a staycation this year, this summer, and then make plans for next summer,” Davis said.

If you just can’t wait, however, you better make those plans now.