NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — The judge who has not worked in more than two years while taxpayers paid her salary was back in court Tuesday. State Supreme Court justices summoned her to explain why she refuses to do her job.

Alice Bruno left her job in 2019 and never came back yet still collected a paycheck from taxpayers, about $400,000 since her last day at work.

Her superiors said they could not get an explanation for her absence so they summoned her to the Supreme Court to determine whether she should be removed or disciplined.

At first, Bruno did not enter the courtroom and justices were not happy. Her attorney argued on her behalf and then Bruno came in and addressed the court.

Through her attorney, Bruno said she suffers from a debilitating health condition and claims her bosses were hostile when she asked for other accommodations.

Bruno did not offer details in court Tuesday and the medical records are sealed.

“Well, I should say that Judge Bruno has every intention to cooperate fully with the inquiry of the Supreme Court… this is not an attempt to impede the Supreme Court’s function in this matter. But it is to recognize that an individual has been subjected to forces beyond her control,” said Jacques Parenteau, Judge Bruno’s attorney.

“And the unfortunate circumstances as I ended up with all of the indicia of someone who could not perform my function in the way that it should best be performed. I thank you for your courtesy of giving me a chance to talk and speak and there’s nothing I want more than to serve the people of Connecticut fairly and appropriately,” Bruno said.

No decision was made Tuesday on Bruno’s future but for now she is getting paid for not going to work.