Conn. (WTNH) — Could using an online system that tracks who is or is not vaccinated against COVID-19 help businesses here in Connecticut?

Governor Ned Lamont is now considering an online ID system to help businesses confirm who is and isn’t vaccinated against COVID-19.

“That might be a service to our businesses like we’re doing in Puerto Rico as you see in New York and other places,” the governor said. “Purely the option of the businesses…We have had some requests and I’m looking at it.”

Tuesday’s positivity rate climbed to nearly six percent – the highest in the state in 10 months.

Restaurant managers and customers we spoke with within New Haven say the online ID system would make things more convenient. That way people don’t wonder if they’re coming in contact with someone who has not been vaccinated.

The general manager of Te Amo Tequila in New Haven, Eddie Falcon, said the online ID system would be helpful for his staff and customers.

“It’s more efficient, you know, with the monitoring and with all the restrictions here in downtown New Haven,” Falcon said. “It would help us to improve our businesses and to provide a more safe environment until all the restrictions are lifted.”

Customers say if the online ID system was implemented in Connecticut, they’d avoid the headache of digging through their phone or their bag. And it would be a lot of help for those how have lost their vaccination card and have nothing to prove they’re vaccinated.

Karina Rojas, a diner at Te Amo, said, “I already look for a picture of it on my phone anyways so it’s easier that way; it would be more convenient for sure.”

Laura Rodriguez, another diner added, “I know for me I lost my vaccine card when I went away on vacation so it would be beneficial. I had to get a whole new one and it was a big process.”

Several states including New York, Massachusetts, California, and even Puerto Rico have established COVID vaccine passport programs

Viktoria Rivera just got back from Puerto Rico. She says they use a QR code, also known as a COVID passport, to allow people entry into businesses there.

“Every club we went to, everywhere,” Viktoria described. She feels it would be a great help here in the states. “So we at least know you made some effort to show us that you’re vaccinated so when you wanna walk around with no mask we’re not gonna be really scared because you’re at least a little bit vaccinated…Especially if you didn’t get your booster it’s still fine because you have the first one”

At this time, Gov. Lamont is not considering a vaccine mandate for business. Again this is just an idea the governor is considering.