HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Gov. Ned Lamont tweeted a message of thanks to President Joe Biden and Congress on Thursday evening, stating that they “acted on a bipartisan basis to avert a rail shutdown.”

“I share the President’s reluctance to override union ratification procedures,” he wrote. “But in this case, the consequences of a rail strike would have been a body blow to CT & the US.”

The Senate voted earlier in the day to reject a proposal that would have added seven days of paid sick leave to an agreement between freight rail carriers and unionized workers — a request that four rail unions had demanded.

Lawmakers had expressed fear that a shutdown would have led to significant impacts on supply chains, with rail making up about one-third of U.S. cargo.

Lamont wrote that he supports Biden’s “commitment to enacting paid sick leave into federal law, a right that workers in Connecticut already enjoy, and support congressional legislation to achieve this.”