HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Governor Ned Lamont is asking the state legislature to continue Connecticut’s pandemic emergency declarations to receive federal funding and limited COVID-related executive orders.

By extending the emergency declarations, it would also give Gov. Lamont the authority to issue more executive orders.

He said the following in a letter to the General Assembly Friday:

“I am also asking the General Assembly to continue the declaration of the public health and civil preparedness emergencies. There are compelling reasons to continue the emergency declarations because as the past few weeks have shown, we are still in a state of emergency. The nature of this virus is such that conditions change rapidly, with the resulting need to have the tools in place to respond quickly to an ongoing public health threat.”

Lamont is asking the General Assembly to do this when it comes to session on Feb. 9. He is also asking legislators “to establish a process to respond quickly in the future to the ongoing public health threat from COVID-19.”

He outlined a list of 11 executive orders that he wants state lawmakers to consider extending. These include Executive Order 13A, which mandates unvaccinated people over age two to wear a mask indoors and when they cannot maintain six feet of distance from others and do not have a medical exemption, and Executive Order 14C, pertaining specifically to the booster requirement for eligible state hospital employees.

See the full list of executive orders below:

The emergency declaration is set to expire on March 1, and the executive orders are set to expire Feb. 15.

It is up to legislative leaders to decide how long an extension would be.

State Representative Vin Candelora issued the following statement to News 8 Friday:

“While I appreciate that the Governor finally has asked for legislative input after two years of requesting to be at the table, Republicans remain opposed to an extension of his powers. Our state government needs to learn how to function with this virus and return democracy back to normal.”