Democratic candidate for governor Ned Lamont made it very clear that he believes 3-D printed guns are very dangerous. 

The blueprints for them were supposed to be released online at midnight, but a federal judge temporarily stopped that from happening.

Anyone would have been able to download those blueprints and then print a plastic gun as long as they had access to a 3-D printer. 

Gun control advocates say these types of weapons are untraceable, and could easily end up in the wrong hands. 

Lamont wants to see legislation that would ban 3-D guns, and he’s calling on Republicans to support that as well.

“My biggest concern is that this is yet another end-around on our existing gun control laws. We’ve got to bring our control laws back into the 21st century,” Lamont said. 

This all came about after a company in Austin, Texas called “Defense Distributed” reached a settlement with the federal government in June that allowed them to make those 3-D guns available online to download.