NORWALK, Conn. (WTNH) — Governor Ned Lamont participated in a news conference with Stew Leonard, Jr. Monday to announce the first shipment of thousands of units of baby formula being delivered for families in the state.

The formula, Similac Alimentum, comes amid the ongoing baby formula shortage.

Officials say the supply is limited and it will be available at all three Stew Leonard’s locations in the state: Danbury, Newington and Norwalk.

“I know we’re also tracking Fly Formula which is the federal effort. I know that they’re bringing a lot of formula into the state right now. I’m told one of the first distribution spots is Target. So there’s more supply coming from there as well,” Lamont said.

Monday’s shipment is a step in the right direction for some moms, but there is still a shortage with regard to specific formula.

News 8 spoke to one mom whose 22-month-old baby has a milk allergy, but is able to eat some food. She said there are additional problems moms like her are facing, especially single moms.

“Especially with a single income, times are hard and gas is super expensive… it’s not only the formula costing so much, it’s the gas,” said Cayce Andrews of Hamden.

To a degree, moms like Andrews are taking advantage of Facebook groups, such as Find My Formula CT, who find and help other moms locate formula.

Deidre Gifford, the commissioner of the Department of Social Services, said there are waivers in place for recipients of programs like WIC, with more than 90 types of formula WIC recipients can buy.