WEST HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — LaSalle Road will revert back to two-way traffic, and its traditional angled parking, on Wednesday, April 12, after various input from people in the area.

It was made one way during the pandemic in 2020, to accommodate for outdoor dining.

Town officials announced the travel pattern and parking configuration on LaSalle Road in West Hartford Center will be modified on Wednesday, April 12.

LaSalle Road will return to two-way traffic between Ellsworth Road and Farmington Avenue, after receiving recommendations from the Town’s Center Master Plan consultant, public input, and feedback from adjacent restaurant and business owners. 

The two-way traffic flow will reduce neighborhood traffic impacts, especially for Woodrow Street. 

The parking orientation change will reduce parking confusion and complaints. 

Crews, led by the Department of Public Works, have begun working on the street parking spaces, and will begin laying down new striping at 7 a.m.

If all goes to plan, LaSalle Road will be opened to two-way traffic by Wednesday afternoon.

A section of angled parking along the south side of Farmington Avenue has also been reverted to parallel parking to accommodate a westbound left turn lane at the intersection of LaSalle Road.

The traffic signal at this intersection will also be modified to restore a westbound left turn arrow. Traffic signage on LaSalle Road will also be modified accordingly.

The change to a two-way traffic flow on LaSalle Road will not impact the expanded outdoor dining, which is scheduled to return in May.