Rhode Island is the first state in New England to implement sports betting and online gambling. 

But the numbers are in, and so far they’re not good. So what does this mean for Connecticut, as the state makes a move to legalize sports betting?

Whether you’re a gambler or not, there seems to be a lot of people in favor of sports betting.

Eric Dobbie of Hartford said, Because everybody loves sports, everybody loves to bet, everybody loves to win! Absolutely!

Lawmakers are doing their homework, trying to figure out how much revenue sports betting can bring into Connecticut.

Senator Cathy Osten (D) Columbia said, Connecticut could make about $30 million a year off of sports betting and online gaming.

But the latest numbers have not been good for Rhode Island. Last month the casinos there lost nearly $900,000 on sports betting. Leaving the state only $150,000 in revenue since the launch in November.

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Sen. Osten said, I think we have to be conservative in the numbers that we would expect to get in, and that’s what we’re going to do and that’s why we are taking our time getting the legislation done and getting it done correctly.

And lawmakers say by taking a look at New Jersey and Rhode Island they’re able to put a good plan in place. That way when they roll it out, they will I be able to hit the numbers and also keep young kid safe.

Sen. Osten said, You have to make sure that you have controls that are already in place, so that’s what we’re trying to do is make sure that we are protecting people and making sure that we don’t have young people involved in online gaming and sports betting.

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But whether it brings in $150,000 or 30 million, as long as it is creating a revenue stream for the state, people are all In.

Dobbie said, It’s got to be a plus, everybody loves to play lotto why wouldn’t they been on sports, I think it’s great!