BRANFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — High prices at the pump continue to impact drivers, especially as Memorial Day weekend approaches.

Marcos Reinheimer of Shelton filled up his truck Friday before heading to Rhode Island to go camping with his family.

“We didn’t change our plans, we got to still go,” he said.

He and many other families are carrying on with the holiday weekend, but not without feeling frustrated.

“It’s not just the gas prices, it’s everything that comes with it, like construction materials and everything else that comes with inflation. Something has to be done, definitely,” Reinheimer said.

Some local, state and federal lawmakers are working to reduce these record-high gas prices by backing a bill that was recently passed by the House, the Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act, which aims to put an end to price gouging at the pumps.

“The legislation will help lower costs for consumers at the gas pump and puts a dent in price gouging by finally penalizing these market manipulators and it brings more transparency,” said Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro.

If it passes in the Senate, it would be the first federal law against price gouging and include penalties.

“That would make it illegal to sell fuels for cars, planes, home heating oil and propane at an excessive and exploitive price,” DeLauro said.

Meanwhile, drivers like Matt Kelston tell News 8 he has spent more than $120 on fuel for his trip up from Baltimore.

“It’s not great. But times are tough for everybody, so we make do,” Kelston said.

“If we can afford it, we do it. If we cannot, then what are you going to do, right? Thank God, for now we’re OK,” Reinheimer said.

Officials say if you spot price gouging at a gas station, write down the address, the price, keep your receipt and contact the state attorney general’s office.