HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — New legislation to strengthen gun violence prevention laws in Connecticut will go into effect on Sunday, Oct 1.

Public Act 23-53 bans open carry, but individuals with a gun permit will still be allowed to conceal carry, except in restricted locations. Law enforcement officials will not be impacted by the new law, officials said.

A new law will also prohibit the bulk purchasing of firearms by barring the sale of more than three handguns per month for a person, and six handguns per month for instructors.

The expansion of Connecticut’s existing safe storage laws will now include all situations, not just those in which a minor or prohibited person gains access to a firearm.

A new law will also set more stringent bail, probation and parole conditions for serious and repeat firearm offenders.

Cynthia Hicks-Browdy is hopeful about Connecticut’s tighter gun laws that take effect this weekend.

Her son 15-year-old son Kevin Hicks was shot and killed 35 years ago in Connecticut. Kevin Hicks was shot twice in the head in 1988. Nearly 35 years to the date, his mother has little answers.

“35 years ago but it still seems like today, I still miss him,” Cynthia Hicks-Browdy said. “He was missing for two weeks and found dead in South Windsor and it’s still an unsolved case.”

Cynthia’s pastor connected her to Mothers United Against Violence, a faith-based non-profit that fights for justice through community response and provides support for victims of violence.

Mothers United Against Violence advocated for the gun laws that will take effect Sunday.

“We are excited about the fact we can help mothers and family members not grieve a second or third time,” said Deborah Davis, the director of project development and management of Mothers United Against Violence.

The ghost gun law is also being updated to include those assembled before the 2019 ban and all ghost guns must be registered with the state by the end of the year.

“These changes make a practical difference. In the last two weeks alone, the Hartford Police Department has recovered two ghost assault weapons,” Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin said (D-Conn.)

House Republican Leader Vincent Candelora (R-Conn.) fired back against Democrats calling the state one of the safest in the country for gun violence amid more serious crimes.

“Broad-daylight car-jackings in the suburbs, the shocking escalation of violence in our cities, and the rampant and serious property crime that has left victims statewide is evidence their ‘smart on crime’ policies are failing,” he said.

Hicks-Browdy said the community needs to step up and unite as well, sharing this message.

“I pray so much for other people. Please put down the guns,” Cynthia Hicks-Browdy said.

The State of Connecticut is offering a $30,000 reward for any information that leads to an arrest for the murder of Kevin Hicks.